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The next generation of wood planers created by our company.

Planer BSV 2020 is a construction to which we added the possibility of height adjustment of the Z-axis thanks to which the unit is more universal. This type of construction, thanks to the use of V-SLOT profiles and OpenBuilds accessories, makes it possible to achieve linear movement and to work with a stable construction that is modifiable and easy to assemble/disassemble and therefore to transport.

You can configure your construction in several sizes from 1000x1000mm up to 2000x2000mm. The Planer XYZ 3030 version is the same design but can be purchased in a size as large as 2000x3000mm!

 Z-axis adjustment and its features:

  • The design allows the tool height to be adjusted in the Z-axis. The adjustment range is 0 to 125mm.
  • Once the base on which the spindles are installed has been set to the correct height using the knobs at the top of the axis, simply lock the axis with a single lever!
  • The Z-axis is manually adjustable, but its movement is ensured by two screws and a toothed belt, thanks to which the right and left Z-axis beams always perform the same movement!
  • The table/tray area of the base under the spindle allows the assembly of a tool with the following dimensions: 180x200x(H)200mm (maximum height of the milling machine is 200mm).
  • The base is made of plastic (Plexiglas) 10mm thick. The base has only the central hole drilled and requires the user to prepare the holes for attaching the spindle according to the hole spacing you have in the machine.

Working area vs. unit dimension:

The working area is always slightly smaller than the outer dimension of the unit - so always specify the working area you need. To calculate the actual working area of a unit, simply subtract the relevant values from the overall dimension.

  • For the X axis, decrease the value approx. 200mm.
  • For the Y axis, decrease the value by approx. 345 - 350mm

For example a BSV XYZ planner with dimensions X= 2000mm / Y = 2000mm offers a working area of X=ok. 1800mm and Y approx. 1655mm.

Wood Planner BSV XYZ

Wood Planner is an easy structure to rebuild and expand. You receive a ready-assembled unit that you set up on a stable base and then use the supplied corners to screw the Y-axis aluminium profiles onto the workbench. Then prepare the appropriate spacing of holes for your milling machine in a plate made of plastic (clear Plexiglas 10mm) and screw the spindle to it. The Y-axis profiles can be easily removed or extended by a further 3m by purchasing the appropriate profile (20x80 V-SLOT).

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