Frezarka przenośna CNC V-Grav


Frezarka przenośna CNC V-Grav

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Producent: V-Slot
Kod produktu: V-Grav v1
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Milling machine V-GRAV v1

Portable CNC milling machine is entirely build from V-SLOT OpenBuilds components. Small dimensions, possibility of modification and easy transport are just a few advantages of this design.


The V-GRAV milling machine was developed as a result of discussions with our customers who purchase equipment available in our store.
Customers of V-SLOT Poland suggested us to create a CNC structure dedicated mainly to processing soft/hard wood and plastics, which would be mobile and enable milling anywhere.
Particularly customers that are in the furniture manufacturing industry who want to personalize their products need a unit that allows them to carry out the milling process directly at the customer's premises or on large-size material.
For example, a customer logo or a company name can be milled into a table top. A milling machine with a large working area is needed in order to process a large tabletop, which gives rise to the need for such a device. Apart from the cost of a large CNC milling machine, an important aspect is often the space required for setting up a large CNC router. The V-GRAV portable milling machine will find a place in most workshops because it takes only about 650 x 650 mm, and is relatively light (about 20kg). Additionally it enables you to make engravings and cuts in materials with a large surface area!


The V-GRAV machine is a lightweight CNC 3-axis construction, whose main task should be engraving in materials such as MDF, plywood, soft/hard wood and plastic.
When using DeWalt spindle D26200 we suggest using cutters with cutting diameter not larger than 4mm.
Position the machine on the workpiece surface (e. g. table top) in the area where the work will be done. After connecting to power supply (230V) and computer or interface the device is ready to work.

How do I attach the machine to the base?

We have tested the V-GRAV mobile milling machine in our company on materials such as:

MDF raw
MDF laminated
HDF board

When machining the materials mentioned above, the machine allows milling in these materials without the need for additional fixtures.
The average parameters at which no displacement of the structure occurred on the above-mentioned surfaces are :

Milling cutter diameter: 3.175mm
Cutting speed: 2000mm
Entry depth max. for a single pass: 1mm
Spindle speed: 16 000 - 20 000 rpm

No less, it should be noted that there is a risk of the machine moving on the surface. That is why, we don't recommend working with the machine without attaching it to the work surface.
The device is equipped with L-type corners, which make it possible, for example to screw the machine directly to the material to be processed or to a previously prepared structure for mounting the machine. In addition, it is possible to use the profile grooves to install additional clamps (to be purchased and installed in-house) to fix the machine to the surface.

We also know that in some cases installation directly on the surface with screws is not possible due to the fact that we cannot damage the workpiece with fastening screws. For this reason we foresee to introduce in the near future additional vacuum fixtures that will stabilize and fix the structure to the material parts.


Although the V-GRAV V1 is designed for milling in any location, the machine can also be used for milling small parts!
In the video which you can find on our YouTube channel V-SLOT Poland (the video is also below) we present possibilities of the V-GRAV v1 machine - we encourage you to watch!



Model: V-GRAV v1
Type of profiles: V-SLOT 2040 and C-BEAM
Drive: Screw (ACME 8mm)
Drive motors: NEMA 23
External dimensions (without motors): 500x500mm
External dimension (with motors) : Approx 650*650mm
Internal working area (X/Y): 240x274mm
Axis movement speed max. 3500mm/min
Total movement of the carriage in Z axis : ca.80mm
Weight : Approx 20kg


To introduce you to the use and capabilities of the device, we have prepared a video on our YouTube channel.
We encourage you to read the material.


The V-GRAV CNC milling machine is under development. This means that we anticipate introducing additional options that will improve the work with the device.
When designing the machine and the components that will be available as accessories for the V-GRAV milling machine we will do our best to ensure that the new components are compatible with the model you will purchase.

As part of the development of this project we foresee the introduction of such elements as :An additional frame under the structure, which will allow you to create a small desktop milling machine
A set of vacuum mounts, which will allow a stable installation of the machine on the surface without the need of screwing it down


As with many devices offered by our company, we leave it up to you to configure the device according to your needs.
The base price includes the mechanical elements of the device (aluminum profiles, ACME drive bolts, screws, nuts, aluminum plates, fasteners) needed to build the frame/skeleton of the device. Depending on your needs, the unit should be equipped with the following components:

MOTORS : None or 4x NEMA 23
SPRING: None or 1x DeWalt D26200 (with sleeve for 8mm shank diameter cutters) / RoutER11 OpenBuilds
CONTROLLER: None or 1x BlackBox OpenBuilds
ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES: None or accessory kit (3x limit switch, 2,3,4 wire cables for electronics components, 24V/300W power supply, wire guides, groove plugs, LED ring, safety switch, sensor for Z axis)
Assembly service: Device in components for self-build or device assembled and pre-calibrated by V-SLOT Poland
Control panel: None or InterFace (panel allows to control the device without connecting to a computer)
Laser : None or PLH3D-6W Optlaser (enables engraving on various materials)





You can purchase the milling machine together with the DeWalt D26200 spindle or the RoutER11 spindle, which allows you to work in many different materials.

DeWalt D26200 is supplied with a sleeve that allows the installation of cutters with 8mm shank and for an additional charge you can buy sleeves 3.175mm or 6mm. DeWalt will allow you to adjust the RPM from 16,000 to 27,000 RPM.

The RoutER11 is a dedicated spindle from OpenBuilds USA that offers reasonable performance at an optimal price.
The big advantage of the spindle is a set of bushings that allows you to mount cutters with diameters of 3.175, 3mm, 6mm and 6.35mm!


We recommend the unique BlackBox OpenBuilds controller which comes with the OpenBuilds Control software.
BlackBox is a control board dedicated to CNC devices which allows to operate drives (X/Y/Z), limit switches and also has many other connectors which will allow you to expand the device! BlackBox is equipped among others in connectors 0-10V, relay, connector for Z axis sensor and others. If in the future you need to connect a laser, control a plasma or other device, the BlackBox will not limit you!
However, if you have your own controller, you can choose not to purchase this controller.


We are running a channel on YouTube where you can find presentations of various machines, designs and tutorials on the operation of CNC machines available at V-SLOT Poland!



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